“We give people who like to travel confidence, power and prestige. And we do
that by giving them a way to travel the world and see things in a way other people can’t.” 
– Lori Allen, Director, Great Escape Publishing

 Lori Allen Great Escape PublishingLori Allen is the Director of Great Escape Publishing, which publishes home-study programs and hosts live events around the world on different ways you can get paid to travel… and add more freedom, fun and adventure to your life.

Lori is also the Editor of The Right Way to Travel newsletter, which features articles geared to help writers and photographers improve their skill, sell their work, and earn an income through travel.

Over the past fifteen years, Lori Allen has worked personally with more than 5,000 budding travel writers and photographers to help them meet those same goals – to hone their writing and photography skills and to better market themselves to prospective clients and editors.

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“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without Lori Allen. I met her for the first time, in 2008, at a GEP Travel Writing Workshop in San Francisco. I was so impressed with the company she had created and its mission to both encourage creativity and also find ways to reward it. Since then, I’ve travelled on many GEP trips, with Lori being on ones to China, South Africa and South Korea. I’ve also attended events all over the US, including workshops in writing and photography. I’m simply not the person I was before I attended my first workshop, and I’m so grateful for her vision!”

Caroline Maryan

“The truth is that I wouldn’t be here today doing what I do if it wasn’t for Lori Allen and her Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop. I am finding tremendous success with my travel writing career-265 published articles in a variety of top-notch magazines. It all comes down to that fateful day when I met this inspirational lady who encourages others to follow their dreams and to achieve them. Thank you, Lori!”

Noreen Kompanik

“I’ve seen Lori Allen in many different settings — leading a photographic expedition in the Serengeti, speaking to a packed convention center audience, working the room at a prestigious invitation-only gala, and as part of a small group over drinks. In each, Lori is a master. Her leadership skills, speaking talent and motivational ability are clearly evident and it’s no wonder she is at the helm of a vibrant, successful multinational organization.”

Joe Sindorf