1. I’d like to learn more about how I can get paid to travel. Where do I begin?

Your best bet to get the wheels in motion is to start with Great Escape Publishing’s archived e­letter issues. You’ll find a few issues from Lori at the bottom of her bio page here.

For more, please visit the archives on Great Escape Publishing’s site:

  • For travel writing related articles, click here.
  • For photography related articles, click here.
  • For articles about the import and export business, click here.
  • For articles about travel blogging, click here.
  • For articles on creating your own tours, click here.

Lori’s favorite get-paid-travel opportunity has to be travel writing. To sign up for a free video on how to try out to be a travel writer, go here.

2. Can I write for Great Escape Publishing’s newsletter?

Please note: GEP publishes articles on the craft of getting paid to travel, whether through photography, writing, leading tours, or other means. They do not publish “straight” travel pieces. Regular contributors are typically professional photographers and/or writers who have had success selling their photos and/or travel articles. They also publish articles from other freelancers who have had success with these same ventures and want to share how they did it with our readers. Here is a link to their Writer’s Submission Guidelines.

3. How can I sign up to receive this newsletter to my inbox?

You can sign up for GEP’s free weekly newsletter The Right Way to Travel here. Every week, you’ll receive helpful get-paid-to-travel tips and advice from their experts, like how to come up with story ideas for your travel blog… pinpoint the best places to sell your photos… get started importing a product from overseas…  plan your first tour abroad… and more!

4. Where can I find Great Escape Publishing’s calendar of events?

Great Escape Publishing has hosted over 150 live events, to places like India, Thailand, Italy, Ecuador, San Francisco, Washington DC, and more!

These intensive, hands-on workshops are the most efficient and cost-effective way for you to gain the skills you need to start making money from your travels. You’ll learn from experts who are approachable and generous with their insider knowledge and experience. Check out all upcoming events here.

If you add your name and email address to the “Workshop Alert” list, you’ll be sure to receive first notification of events and at the lowest prices offered. You can add your name here.

5. Is Great Escape Publishing Legit?

Of course. Hundreds of GEP members have already transformed their lives through their programs and live events. Read their stories here. You can also check out GEP on Facebook, where over 45,000 people follow their page, and they’ve received close to 100 5-star reviews from people all over the world. We have also been quoted in the following publications.

You can view these articles here.