Around here, personal transformations happen all the time. Everyday folks who need a change seek out something fun — like photography and travel writing — and turn it into a means to see the world, replace their income, and create a new lifestyle.

Everyone who’s successful at this mixes their hopes, dreams, and desires with previous life experiences to build the life they really want.

I’d like to share Cheryl’s story with you in case you, too, are in the need of a transformation.

Cheryl started hers after a divorce. A soft-spoken soul with no job, no skills, and no direction, she met us all the way over in Paris to try her hand at photography. And she fell in love.

She finally found what she wanted to do… and it’s paid off so well that, last year, she was able to earn six figures as a photographer.

Go Cheryl!

Watch her video below for a big dose of inspiration.

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